The Best and Worst Pokemon Movies

Pokemon Movies have been hit and miss. Some have been Good, Some have been terrible and others have been just OK. Today we’re here to look at the best and the worst. Please note I’m only going by the dub so I will do subbed movies later.


First off before we get started, I do have some honorable mentions

LucarioLucario and the Mystery of Mew is truly a swan song for the original cast. I had a fun time watching it and I really think Veronica Taylor, Eric Stuart and everyone gave it their all.

Jirachi Wish MakerJirachi Wish Maker is good because the focus for once isn’t on Ash this time around. It’s nice to see that.

5. Pm2kSure this movie features Ash saving the world from a plot but you know what, it’s fun. Plus Lugia is good

4. Kyurem and the Sword of JusticeKyurem and the Sword of Justice is a great coming of age story. Once again Ash isn’t the focus, Keldeo is. At a time when Pokemon was at its darkest hour this movie broke barriers and got me excited

3. DarkraiWhat?! Darkrai’s not number 1? Well hear me out. This is my list. Sure this movie is good but it’s insanely popular and while I liked it and give it the bronze on this list, it’s just not my favorite. I hate how Dialga sounds like that lizard creature from the prequels.

2. 4EverAllow me to tell you guys a little story. Let’s rewind the clock to February 2014. The Seahawks have just won the superbowl. I’m a senior in college on my way to work. I’m stuck in traffic, due to taking the bus. I don’t think I’m going to make it to work. What’s worse I need to find a bathroom. I ended up a mess and had to go home. There was no way I was going to make it to work. I am desperately upset so I pop in the 4th Pokemon movie and all my worries go away.

  1. ArceusArceus and the Jewel of life is the first Pokemon movie that felt like an actual movie. Sure there are flaws and the Jewel of Life is a McGuffin but you know what, I had fun with this one and wouldn’t mind owning it.

Now that we’ve talked about the good ones let’s get to the fun half, the bad ones


Pokemon Movie 3The Fan base seems to like this one but I really can’t stand it. I know a lot of people like it but honestly it’s just forgettable to me

HeroesHonestly I saw the twist ending from the beginning of the movie. Plus the animation isn’t pleasant

DiancieDear g-d they’re not even trying anymore! It’s like it was written by a 6 year old. Ok I know Pokemon’s target audience is kids but still, show at least some dignity for the older viewers

5. Pokemon RangerI used to really like this movie. But the more I watched it the more I realized it’s just a commercial for the ranger games plus it’s a 2 hour movie. F***!

4. #1I can feel the hate already but hear me out. I saw this movie when I was 9. I watched it again as an adult and I found one thing that really pissed me off. The fact that they made it all to be a dream. How Lazy is that?!

3. GiratinaThis Movie had one job and that is to not suck. It failed at that. I’m sorry but Shaymin is a brat. The Villain is forgettable and I’m tired of Villains who are the sidekick who want revenge!

2. Genesect novieWhy does Ash act like he’s never seen Mewtwo? Oh right this is a different Mewrwo! I get it… UGH!

  1. ZoroarkDamn this movie. You had one job. Make a smooth transition to Gen V. This movie is a smack in the face and deserves much worse than an F.

And there you have it… My Best and Worst Pokemon. Now if you’ll excuse me I gotta catch em all!




The Best and Worst Pokemon Movies

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