Yu Yu Hakusho Anime Review

Yu Yu Hakusho is anime about Yusuke Urameshi. The last person you’d ever expect to be a role model. This street punk only has one talent, getting into fights and causing trouble. One day he saves a little boy from being hit by a car and dies in the process.

Upon saving this boy, Yusuke is chosen to be a spirit detective. The adventures that follow are intense and interesting

A lot of people say this is a rival to DBZ. Honestly I like this better. I will review Dragon Ball Z at a later time but for now I really think between the two of them Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the best fighting series to date,

I’m going to give Yu Yu Hakusho an A. It’s good but it has some stuff that it needs to work on. Until next time, this is Sam with Sam’s thoughts. Thanks for reading.

Yu Yu Hakusho Anime Review

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