Editorial: In defense of Daredevil

DaredevilWelcome to a new portion of Sam’s thoughts called in Defense of. This is where I talk about a guilty pleasure of mine or something that’s bad and try to bring out the good in it. Marvel’s 2003 was a major dud at the box office and people’s reception to it was far from positive. However, this movie’s one of my guilty pleasures. I guess I’m a sucker for Jennifer Garner. I digress. In any case while this movie just works if I turn off my brain for 2 hours and want to watch something absolutely mindless but before you rag on this movie there’s something I want you to consider:


Two simple words my friends: Director’s Cut! You might still think that this movie is crap but before you go nuts trying to flame me. But do me a favor, watch the director’s cut. It makes a lot more sense and is much better than the theatrical cut. So what are you waiting for? Watch the director’s cut and see what you’re missing.

Editorial: In defense of Daredevil

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