Editorial: Why has there never been a truly awful Pixar movie?

Finding Dory

With the release of Finding Dory next Summer I have to ask, Why has there never been any truly awful Pixar movies? Well the 4 BAD ones that come to mind are the two Cars movies, Brave and Monsters University. I have never seen Cars 2 and I have no intention of seeing it. I saw Cars 1 a long time ago. As for Brave and Monsters U I’ll talk about them here.

The positives that people have said about Brave I agree with as for the rest of it, well that’s where it falls flat. When we’re exploring the first third of this movie, I was excited. I thought Pixar finally had their Mojo back but it’s the bate and switch that we get in the 2nd act that really makes me angry. I do like that she stays single at the end but to be honest, this movie is so frustrating you feel like you’re just wondering what you’re watching. But it is nice to know that Mom hasn’t signed Mr. Grim’s contract in this movie. The animation still looks really good and while it’s my least favorite Pixar movie, I can’t say this movie is the pits. The positives truly are amazing and Merrida is actually a good role model for young girls. Kudos Pixar! Mad Kudos!

As for Monsters U, well the animation looks appealing. I really felt this movie is forgettable. Pixar had a million opportunities to think of a plot but going with this one, that was just a slap in the face.

The bottom line here is that even the movies that are bad aren’t the worst things in the world. Heck, I’d watch Brave once if somebody said that I could either watch that or the Turbo power rangers movie. The reason I brought the Turbo movie up is because well… In January you’re going to find that I have some positive things to say about Turbo. I hope all of you have enjoyed this editorial. This is has been Sam’s thoughts, now you know what’s up?

Editorial: Why has there never been a truly awful Pixar movie?

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