Top 10 Pokemon I wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley

With Halloween being two weeks away, I thought I might give you guys a look at some Pokemon that I’d hate to bump into a dark alley. Get ready for some frightening fun…

10. Ursaring: UrsaringNow if I had a 6 foot tall bear staring at me I would know shit is about to hit the fan. I’m 6′ 2″ and with Ursaring being about as tall as me I know that one Hyper Beam or Focus Blast could send me to the hospital!

9. Electrode: ElectrodeIf you have ever played Pokemon Snap or watched an episode of the anime, you know that the slightest touch of these guys will set them to explode.It makes you wonder how they ever get caught! but as I wrote about in blind as a bat, maybe causing one to explode would lead to blindness

8. Primeape: PrimeapeNow I’m not scared of Monkeys at all but a pig monkey with a temper, Shit is going to hit the fan if you make this guy angry. The last thing I want is to beaten up in the dead of night.

7. Muk: MukNow I what you’re thinking; Sam, Muk’s just a pile of shit! Well consider the following friends, Do you want a pile of poisonous shit, globbing over you until you die? In the anime, Ash’s Muk was hilarious and I know the joke. But let’s be mature here! If Muk is caught the wrong way you could be 6 feet under!

6. Weavile: WeavileWeavile is one fast and deadly . Plus do you want to be frozen solid? Let’s just be glad that Pokemon aren’t real because it would screw you over.

5. Scyther: ScytherNothing like a giant praying mantis staring you in the face before you reach your end. Ironically Scyther is one of my favorite Pokemon but I don’t want it staring me in the face at night.

4. Victrebel: VictrebelDo I need to say more than this image?

3. Spinirak: SpinarakI don’t like spiders, I used to be afraid of them but now not so much. Now I just don’t like them. Considering Spinarak is based off a spider, It’s a little hard to stomach

2. Mr. Mime: I hate and am afraid of clowns and while Mr. Mime is generally helpful to humans, I hate clowns. I hate em! Therefore Mr. Mime is #2 but what’s #1

And the Pokemon I’d never want to run into a dark alley is….

HoundoomHoundoom! Now I’m not religious but what’s Houndoom based off of? A hell hound. Houndoom may be one of my favorite Pokemon but being based off the very personification of hell? Kudos game freak. Quite an impressive feat you got there. For those who don’t know, I love dogs but seeing this as the last thing, I’d know I’d be doing something wrong

This has been Sam from Sam’s thoughts and now you know what’s up!

Top 10 Pokemon I wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley

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