Who would win?

After watching reruns of Disney’s Recess on YouTube, I got to thinking who would win in a fight? TophToph Beifong from Avatar the Last Airbender or SpinelliAshley Spinelli from Disney’s Recess. For those of you who don’t know Recess was a show revolving around 6 4th Grade students. Since both these characters have similar personalities I thought it would be fun to pit them against each other. For those who haven’t seen Avatar, Toph is Blind and Toph would egg Spinelli on telling her up front she is blind. Spinelli would probably say she wouldn’t fight someone who’s blind. But Toph would tell her to fight her anyway. Toph’s earth bending might put Spinelli at a disadvantage but not necessarily. Spinelli would try a head on approach. Spinelli would provide Toph with a good chance but I think Toph would win and it has nothing to do with Earth Bending. Here’s why:

All Toph needs to do is find out Spinelli’s first name. once she finds out that Spinelli’s first name is actually Ashley she’d use it as a Kryptonite. Of course my counter argument is this. Toph’s weakness is that in order to earth bend she can see it barefoot. So if Spinelli was willing to part with her combat boots she could win. What do you guys think? This has been Sam from Sam’s thoughts. Now you know what’s up.

Who would win?

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