Pokemon Unova League Review

Welcome to My coverage of Unova! This will be the last league coverage for a while. As with all my reviews I give A fair spoiler warning. Read at your own risk! Also choice words are said so please, if you’re sensitive to swearing you might not want to read this. The Unova Saga was a mixed bag for me as a watcher. On the one hand we had a slew of new Pokemon we had never seen before. On the downside, most were homages to Pokemon we were familiar with. Aside from the traditions. Ash gets two new traveling companions. Iris IrisA dragon master in training and Cilan CilanA Pokemon Connoisseur. One of the down sides is everyone has their own rivals. Ash has Trip TripHe’s nowhere near as memorable as Paul or Gary and Ash only beats him once. Iris has Georgia GeorgiaShe calls herself a Dragon buster. A dragon buster is someone hell bent on taking down Dragon type trainers like Iris. Finally we have this little shit stain. BurgundyBurgundy is a bipolar French speaking C class Connoisseur. She pretends to be all high and mighty because she can speak French but she can’t. Honestly she just comes across as annoying. So as we progress further we’re introduced to cunt I mean fuckhead I mean Bitch I meanBianca  Bianca. G-d! I fucking hate Bianca. Why do I hate Bianca? Well every time she’s introduced she always rams Ash into nearby water. On top of that she’s a terrible strategist not to mention flighty. The best part is in the first half of this season when team Rocket actually acts like Villains. True they never capture Pikachu but they get shit done. But yeah, Ash gets his badges makes it into Top 8. Series over right? Wrong! They continue on for a bit and then drop Ash off and turn Team Rocket back to catch Pikachu every episode. Because this season wasn’t g-d awful nor was it good. I’m going to give it a 2 out of 4. They could have done so much more. But did they really need to cram in all these extra characters? So now that I have done all the leagues save Kalos, what’s next? How about Pokemon the Origin and Pokemon Chronicles. This is Sam from Sam’s thoughts. We’ll be tackling Pokemon the Origin next. Now you know what’s up!

Pokemon Unova League Review

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