Inside Out Review

Inside Out is probably one of the best things to come out of the Pixar Studios since Toy Story 3 and Up. I’ll post a spoiler review later. As it stands, my hands are officially tied because it was just so amazing. So has Pixar fully recovered from their string of duds? Well… Yes and No.  The short didn’t work for me but I’ll explain why in my spoiler review

So what’s the plot of Inside Out? Riley Anderson is an 11 year old moving from Minnesota to San Francisco. Pixar doing a coming of age story was already done in Toy Story 3 but Honestly between the animation and the writing is incredible.

Amy PoelerA lot of people will have you believe that Amy Poehler is the Star of the movie. She is but who really does it for me is Lewis Black as Anger.

Lewis BlackCasting Lewis Black is probably one of the best decisions you can do with your movie.

I’ll end this review with this. Pixar really knocked it out of the park and with a 2nd film coming out this year around November, they may surprise you. For now I’ll post my spoiler review later. For now this is Sam with Sam’s thoughts and now you know what’s up?

Inside Out Review

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