Ninja Sentai Kakuranger VS Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3

Well folks we come to the last of the three Mighty Morphin Bloigs. First let’s talk about themes, Saban was sticking with Go Go Power Rangers and the Kakuranger theme gets the point. It makes you want to kick some ass.

The shamisen solo gives this the point which season will take the crown?

Kakuranger opens and follows Sasuke and Saizou two buddies who are tricked to open the Yokai portal. They are joined by Seikai, Jiraya and Tsuruhime. Believe it or not they start off with the shogun and get what we know as the Ninja Zords later on. Ninjor or as he was known as in Kakuranger, was imprisoned in an urn for torturing humans. and eventually they defeat the badies by closing the doors once again.

Mighty Morphin Season 3 picks up where Season 2 left off. It starts off with a 3 part epic introducing Masked Rider. Then we’re introduced to Rita’s brother, Rito Revolto. He destroys the thunder zords and the rangers have to get Ninja Powers and are given the ninja zords. By the way, Tommy’s zord the Falconzord is unmanned in sentai. Eventually we’re introduced to Katherine, who’s Rita’s loyal minion. Unlike Tommy who acted like an ass while brainwashed by Rita. Katherine tricks the Rangers gets ahold of Kimberly’s power coin and nabs the falconzord. This is because Behind the scenes Amy Jo Johnson wanted to leave. So Kimberly passes the power to Katherine, we get the metallic armor and lord zedd blackmails the rangers to pilot his zords, the shogun zords. They get their things back, Kimberly leaves and Katherine takes over.

Next up we’re introduced to Master Vile. Rita’s father. He proves to be a formidable match. Turns the rangers to kids. So Zordon and Alpha summon the alien rangers from Aquitar. These guys fill up the action portion. Billy is returned to his rightful age and becomes team leader. Meanwhile Aisha, Katherine, Rocky, Adam and Numbnuts I mean Tommy  excuse me have to look for their zeo crystals. Aisha stays behind and gives her crystal to Tanya. After all 5 get their crystals and return to their age only to have the command center blow up

So Sam, who’s the winner this time? Is it Sentai again? Actually no, It’s a draw. Neither Kakuranger nor Mighty Morphin Season 3 were perfect. While each had things the other lacked there is no clear winner. As I plan to stroll down through the seasons our next Stop is Choriki Sentai Ohranger OhrangerVS Power Rangers Zeo Zeo

Stay tuned!

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger VS Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3

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