Avatar: The Last Airbender VS Avatar: The legend of Korra.

Well folks here’s a blog I’ve been wanting to write for quite sometime. Just want to give you all a possible spoiler warning. Now that that’s out of the way let’s get started. I was in high school when Avatar: The last air bender aired. Since then I have gone back and watched the show. Since then I believe it to be nickelodeon’s smartest and most entertaining television shows. Nickelodeon is a network whose cartoons are chalked full of two year old jokes and poo-poo and pee-pee jokes. Much to my chagrin there aren’t many in here. One of the strengths of both shows, is its ability to let you draw your own conclusion. Not bad Nick! Even though you know how the story will end Plus Avatar is the only show on Nick not to shy away from difficult subject matter like death, G-d, I haven’t seen a show this mature since Batman.

Let’s meet the cast of team Aang.First up is Aang himselfAangAside from being the Avatar, Aang is just a sweet natured kid. He really does seem like your typical twelve year old aside from being the Avatar. He has his moments where he’s happy he does get greedy and you legitimately feel for him. The episode where he burns his love interest Katara, is always difficult to watch. Aang is most likely best on a Tibetan monk and if Aang were an actual kid I’d say he was born in Tibet. I think the original show, takes place sometime around the 1850s or 1860s. I digress. Next up we have Toph bei fong. TophToph is the only character whose last name is revealed. Toph is blind but is far from helpless. As an earth bender she can see with her feet. Like me dear readers, she’s a bit of a smartass but not as smartass and sarcastic as the keader of team Avatar. Sokka Sokka, sokka is easily my favorite character within team Avatar. Unlike the other members he can’t bend elements. But he’s easily the funniest and the most cerebral character in the show. KataraKatara is the group mom. She’s kind and caring but she really is the heart of the group. What really makes this show work is the strength of the characters and how they play off each other. If earth benders are based off of Thai, I think that the fire benders are based off of Chinese, and Water is based off of Native Americans. case in point look at Sokka’s hairstyle. There’s only one small problem I have, in the original show, Makko who played Iroh died before the show could be finished but Greg Baldwin did a bang up job finishing up where Mako left off.

The legend of Korra takes place 70 years after this show, I think I have a few complaints but let’s start with the goods. The animation in this show is much richer and even though it’s not as good, it’s still worthy to be in the same mythos. The big problem I have is that it feels like 4 short stories as oppose to Aang’s which was one giant story. The other problem is there are WAY too many benders, Other than that they got a pretty gifted cast. Even though the clear winner is Aang, check both shows out. If your forecasts call for rain, watch this show and check it out.

Avatar: The Last Airbender VS Avatar: The legend of Korra.

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