Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie: The Blog

]Before I get started with MMPR Season 3 VS Ninja Sentai Kakuranger I wanted to take somne time to talk about the first Power Rangers Movie. The real annoyance with this movie is it’s not in cannon with the show’s mythos. Again I throw out that there are spoilers without so to the three of you who haven’t seen this movie, be advised. So some construction workers unleash a giant tub of silly putty upon the world. The silly putty turns out to be Ivan Ooze. Ivan OozeOoze is truly the best thing about this movie and is probably the only reason I don’t truly hate it now. After getting a briefing from Zordon about him the rangers are dispatched to a construction site where they confront Ivan. Ivan then sends his Oozemen after they rangers, they morph and fight against the oozemen. The Power Rangers win at the cost of their powers because Ivan has entered the command center. A rule in season 1 established that no one could enter the command center without a power coin. So why the hell were Rocky, Adam and Aisha allowed in when they were civilians?! Explain Saban Explain! So Ivan enters and wrecks the command center leaving the power rangers with enough power to handle his oozemen. The rangers find Zordon out of his time warp and near death. Alpha tells the rangers about the only hope for Zordon being on Phados and they only are able to get it via this woman named Dulcea DulceaA half naked Amazonian who gives the rangers their ninja powers. Due to copyright enfringement from Fox the Tengu Warriors became Tengas in Season 3. Originally they wanted Marishka Hargitay of Law and Order fame to play her. Interesting choice, Saban. There the power rangers are tested.

Meanwhile on Earth, Ooze has begun digging up his own baddies the ecto-morphicon titans. Unlike Rita and Zedd who can make their baddies, Ivan has to dig his fuckers up. Oh I can’t believe I forgot about Mordant MordantAlong with Goldar, Mordant is Pudgy Pig’s transvestite cousin. He was a movie exclusive and he wasn’t memorable. So after being tested the power rangers get their powers recharged and come back and because of Tommy being the show’s Jesus they form the ninja megazord but all systems seem to fail unless Tommy and the Falconzord come into save the day. The difference between the Ninja Megazord in the show and the movie is this one has a sword. The final battle is Ivan Merged with one of his machines and Ivan gets hit in the nads towards a pasing commet. Zordon is pretty much dead until Jeebus I mean Tommy tells them that those who possess the great power,. all is possible. They revive Zordon and all is good.

Ok final thoughts, this movie is a guilty pleasure. Although I am more into Tokusatsu I can still watch it despite the absurdity. However this is only a pipe dream readers. I would love nothing more to roast this movie with my friend from college, Katie and Mr. Weenie Productions and Black Nerd Comedy. I’m Sam and I’m a Jewish Nerd. This has been Sam from Sam’s thoughts. Now you know what’s up?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie: The Blog

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