Editorial: Is animation just for children?

I’m not talking about cartoons like Family Guy and Archer here. A lot of cartoons these days seem to think that their target audience is children and that in order to get the child to laugh all that’s needed is a poo-poo joke or a reoccurring gag that will happen in every episode. We all know what a mainstream impact anime has had on our society. That’s why I started history of Pokemon. All right some examples of animation not just being for kids:

  1. Disney Movies. Disney has been around since the late 30s. Look how much strength the first Disney Renaissance has had. A friend of mine has said that her Grandmother’s favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast and it was even nominated for Best Picture! At the time, that was unheard of! Tangled and Toy Story 3 started the 2nd Disney Renaissance has hits like Frozen, Big Hero 6 etc. By the way dear readers i’m a toonaphile and if I had my choice of Disney Princess it would be either ElsaElsa from Frozen or BelleBelle from beauty and the beast. Why them you ask? Haha well my dear readers that’s a blog for another day and I will only do it if you ask this of me. Please leave a comment why I’d want to go out with either of them and I’ll answer. But I digress. Anyhow Disney has impacted so many folks’ lives. They now own marvel and they did some really good seasons of power rangers. Again I digress. Look at how much impact Disney has impacted Doug Walker. Disneycember is another great example. They also had a Cartoon in the 90s called Gargoyles. It was dark, it rivaled the 90s Batman! But enough about the house of mouse
  2. BatmanTASAll right 90s Kids rejoice as I gush over Batman: The animated series. This show really upped the ante of what’s ok and not ok to show our children. With Kevin Conroy being the first Bat to do the duality of the voices without sounding like he has emphysema. All jokes about the Bale Bat aside, this show was gritty, had dark morals and its endings weren’t always cheerful. Hell, they even had a feature length movieMask of the PhantasmBatman: Mask of the Phantasm. Damn! I could go on about this film this came out in Christmas of 93. Unfortunately it was a dud at the box office and I have 4 words to summarize why: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! I think the reason this show has withstood the test of time is due to the writing and the voice acting. Hell, heart of ice won a daytime emmy. This coming from a show for kids? They shouldn’t show death because it was a kid’s show, instead of showing the characters dead, they had them give them a hideous joker grin. Which is in its own right, is a fate worse than death. They’d go onto create Batman Beyond.
  3. HTTYDEven though we all know that one of the 7 Basic stories is How to Train Your Dragon . The reason this and its sequel are amazing is because we all know the hiding a pet story. How to train your Dragon 1 has no “Bad guy” you can see the pain in stoick’s eyes when Hiccup is exiled. I identify with Hiccup and Jack Frost because I’m the funny guy and the smart guy. People don’t take me seriously. It’s tough! But my dear readers, these are just examples that I point out where the target audience may be children
  4. Soectacualar Spider-ManOk before I get started with this one I want to introduce you to a noun that many people seem to neglect nowadays. Opinion (oh-pin-yun) Noun, someone’s thoughts and feelings on a particular subject. Ergo, this is why I started this blog. Sorry to disappoint you 90s Kids but I can’t stomach the 90s Cartoon. One Peter Parker looks like a body builder. Two the imagery is just too creepy. The man-spider story arc is my case in point. It’s just nasty. This show has its share of problems but let’s focus on its strengths first. One he actually thinks like a teenager. The writers clearly don’t have “For Kids” written in the studio before this was canceled. I’ve been a fan of the wall crawler to as far back as I can remember! The writing is good too. I think the only thing I have a real problem with is the web slinging scenes. It kind of looks like semen. Ok nasty thought of the way, shall we move on.
  5. Regular ShowOk this one was called to my attention by a colleague of mine going back to 2011. Mordecai and Rigby are two slackers They’re gamers and if they don’t do they’re bosses orders they’re fired. All fair enough, but think about this. Replace the video games with Marijuana. A lot of the gags and jokes are clearly not for kids. If you think about this show and watch a few episodes, you’ll see what i’m talking about

Well folks, that’s my shtick for now. This has been Sam from Sam’s thoughts, now you know what’s up?

Editorial: Is animation just for children?

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