Gosei Sentai Dairanger VS Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2

Welcome back my dear readers. I hope you enjoyed your education about Zyuranger VS Mighty Morphin Season 1! 🙂 One of the things I neglected to talk about was in fact the music of both shows, Believe it or not I actually enjoy Mighty Morphin’s because it what I grew up with ergo here’s a little something from a man named Masaki Endoh 

with that said let’s hear Wasserman do Zyuranger. I forgot to mention some interesting things and I want to remind you guys that this is a blog for adults and as a 26 year old who is reflecting on a show for children spoilers and swear words will be said

Bulk and Skull had more staying power than any ranger actor. Their Role in Season 1 was just straight up bullies and in Season 2 their goal was to find out who the power rangers are. One thing I have always imagined in my head is R2-D2 entering the command center and kicking Alpha 5 in the crotch! Because Green with Evil Established that only someone who has a power coin can enter the command center, we’ll talk about this more when we talk about season 2. For now, I’m just recapping season 1. Jason David Frank’s contract was originally supposed to be built up in Green With Evil, when they used the green candle it was a tie in to Burai’s story arc but they used it to strip away his powers. Frank was only supposed to have a small cameo in Doomsday. Saban would have ended it right there had Power Rangers not been successful with Children. Because Green Ranger Tommy is single handed one of the most overrated things from the 1990s before you start booing me off my own blog and flaming my comment box, I’ll create a YouTube Video for you guys recreating the Green Ranger Laugh.

But enough about Season 1 reminiscing let’s morph into season 2 VS Dairanger

Since Zyuranger won let’s introduce the rangers and villlains. Meet Ryou, He’s our groups Red, By day he’s a talented gyoza chef. Daigo, the animal lover of the group. He’s the Green. Shouji blue and comic relief. Yellow is Kazu a badass hair dresser and Lin the only female. They are aided by the wise Master Kaku. The Bad guys are the Gouma clan a group of leather fetishists apparently and finally you might recognize the White Ranger, meet Kou. This little pervert is a 10 year old serves as a job to molest Lin and who’s our pink college exchange student. The theme for Dairanger was chinese mythology and that’s why it remains one of my favorites. Being a nice Jewish boy, I know a thing or two about a good Chinese Restaurant or two. But I digress. A giant Dragon appears later on and it’s revealed that Master Kaku is actually a member of the Gouma Clan. Monster growth was done by a bomb they would throw a bomb. Here’s the music for dairanger opening

*Inhales and exhales 3 times* Time to talk about the power rangers side

Meet Lord Fucking Zedd. For those Unaware, Zedd is how Canadians say Z and other places in the world say the letter Z. He was introduced in a 3 part epic called the Mutiny. He comes with his own army of putty patrollers and all you had to stop one was to hit it on the chest with a Z. So even if you tossed a penny at it, you could send it away. Lord Zedd was a good villain because he was, ummm what’s the word I’m looking for oh, yeah ORIGINAL! In the first 13 episodes was how they got rid of the Green Ranger Powers. At the time Austin St. John, Walter Jones and Thuy Trang wanted more money. Fair Enough the show was picking up in Popularity. Instead they introduce the White Ranger, who’s none other than (fanfare) Tommy. Zordon made Tommy the leader of the power rangers. Oy! He fired Walter, Austin and Thuy after the events of white light and turned the show into Tommy and Friends show. Ugh. So in another 3 part epic, the Ninja Encounter we’re introduced to RockyRocky the class clown type who’s played by Steve Cardenas and went onto to continue to do teach Martial Arts. AdamAdam. who’s actually this bloggers personal favorite ranger of all time and AishaAishaWho’s this bloggers first ranger crush. If I had my own spot at PMC I’d explain why but for now dear readers. I’ll tell YOU why. Adam is my favorite ranger because in college I applied for a lot of leadership and got accepted into 10 Seminars through my college. As a senior I had to take a sociology course on change in America. I immediately knew my individual project; Donating Blood. I whipped up a power point and my subject was donating blood. Not a lot of folks would listen to me about the topic because excuse after excuse after excuse.. As a person I got frustrated and upset since they wouldn’t listen to me.

“Oh sorry Sam, I have to get a haircut.”

“Don’t wanna listen because I’m afraid of needles.”

“Oh I have a date today.”

When I did my final, I opened up with a joke and I said, “If nothing else. Do it for the free cookies and Juice.” I actually broke down and cried during my final because nobody would listen to my power point. During winter break I actually had a pretty bad depression. I thought, “Dammit had I raised 500 bucks and agreed to shave my have afterwords. Then people would have listened and learned something!” Because I give myself a reward every time I donate my blood I l know what a core asset it is to donate and since it’s a staunch cause I encourage you guys to leave a comment about blood donations and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Aisha was my first crush because Kimberly was too much of a valley girl stereotype and Trini was the moral support of season one. When Thuy Trang died labor day weekend in a car crash, I didn’t find out for a while but I was in New York and 9/11 happened the weekend after and 3 years after I gave a speech. Aisha is my first crush because of the old opposites attract. Because I’m mature and admirable should you meet me, these are my thoughts. That’s why my tagline is, Now you know what’s up. 🙂

Just because I write about Power Rangers a lot I use it as a teaching tool for Tokusatsu. I’m more of a marvel and DC guy and if you readers want to know more about that as Jeremy Jahns would say, “Comment below let me know.” Anyways, we learn about Lord Zedd’s zord Serpenterra. That’s the giant dragon in Dairanger, Unfortunately the thing can’t fluctuate long in the morpjhin grid because of the struggle between “good” and “evil” anyhow, Zedd’s greatest strength as a villain as he was an original villain and not resorting to Sentai. Unfortunately Soccer Moms, PTAs etc were claiming that Zedd was scaring the shit out of their kids. Well isn’t that what a villain is supposed to do?! But hey, it was the 90s. Season 2 came out when I was in 1st grade.

So what do they do. They do a 3 part epic called, the wedding. They bring Rita back she poisons Lord Zedd with a spell and have Alpha 5 go evil trap the rangers in a theater where their side of the coin doesn’t work and conclude Season 2 with a stand alone episode called Blue Ranger gone bad. Long story short Evil Billy Clone created from a statue in art class while monster of the day finishes off for fight scenes.

So Sam I am, Who’s the winner this time around? Once again, I have to give the point to Dairanger since Dairanger gave the powers to a kid and we got frickin Tommy way to take candy from a baby Saban. Allow me to show you some clips from Kou,  


This has been Sam, from Sam’s thoughts. Now you know what’s up?

Gosei Sentai Dairanger VS Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2

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