Pokmemon Sinnoh League Review

When I started history of Pokemon, I started it on youtube. For those who are interested here;s a quick recap.

Kanto: I thought Ash was OK but he got most of his badges because of good deeds and it wasn’t skill. As a result he didn’t do as good and only got into the top 16.

Orange Islands: Considering this is the only series not to be based arounbd a video game, I like it. Ash did a good job and his Lapras is awesome.

Johto: I didn’t like Johto. The pacing was off and he caught all his Pokemon too Soon. I do think we could have gotten more out of it if they had taken their time.

Hoenn: Hoenn is my favorite region in the games and I honestly like this season since Ash leaves all his Pokemon except for Pikachu behind and teaches Pikachu Iron tail

Battle Frontier: I honestly don’t mind the new voices. I think this is an awesome season and Ash deserved and struggled to earn his symbols

Now we come to Sinnoh. In replace of Misty, May or Max we have Dawn.Dawm. Dawn is often called Dee Dee by her peers because a Plusle and Minun shocked her when she was little *spoiler* I honestly think she’s a better coordinator than May. Her Rival Zoey Zoeyis a lot like Richie from the Original series in the sense that their actually friends. There are a lot of nods to the original series. Another one is in Ash;s Rival Paul. PaulPaul is a nasty asshole he’s actually abusive to his Pokemon and releases his Chimchar which joins Ash’s team *spoiler* Unlike Charizard, Chimchar is fully obedient but has trouble controlling his Blaze ability. Eventually Ash makes it into the Top 4 *spoiler*. Ash earns my respect this time. AshThis is one of Ash’s better journeys. Stay tuned for my Unova coverage and my Dairanger VS MMPR Season 2 review. This season gets a 3 out of 4. Is it better than orange Islands? No. But it’s better than Hoenn. Later

Pokmemon Sinnoh League Review

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