Top 10 Batman Movies

Out of all the superheroes, there’s possibly none more interesting than Batman. While Spider-Man may be my favorite superhero, Batman has a rich mythology going all the way back to 1938. Batman has changed a lot from those early days. I even have string dolls of Batman, Robin, The Joker, The Penguin and Batgirl.  I’m here to honor the top 10 Best Batman. Now remember, this is my OPINION! It’s not fact. Let’s get started, shall we? Oh before we do, expect some spoilers!

10. Batman ForeverBatman Forever: What?! You have one of the Schumacher movies on this list?! Keep your shirt on and let me explain. Batman Forever isn’t a total loss. Val Kilmer is believable as Bruce Wayne, Chris O’Donnell did his best as Robin and the story of Robin was done justice. Sure Jim Carrey is just being Jim Carrey and all Two Face does is point and laugh, but this film is 20 years old. Kind of surreal. Sure Nicole Kidman is forgettable but this movie could have been better. As it stands this movie takes the #10 slot.

9. The_Dark_Knight_Returns The Dark Knight Returns: This two part gritty tale is another what if. Brilliantly crafted by the one and only Frank Miller. This movie features Peter Weller as Bruce Wayne/ Batman and Ariel Winter as Robin. Although this does feel a little dated at team with it feeling like the 80s. But that’s the only problem.

8. Batman ReturnsBatman Returns: Ok, This one is kinda gritty and dark. I really think the scene where the penguin bites off a guy’s nose is unnecessary but Danny DeVito is the perfect choice to play the penguin. Although this one can be a little too dark at times. I have to be in the right mood to watch it.

7. Batman 1966Batman (1966): Ok so I realize this is the most campy show in the world. But hey you can’t deny that Adam West and Burt Ward were having fun doing this. Before Batman had this dark and brooding image, Batman was given a campy image and it was certainly fun.

6. The Dark KnightThe Dark Knight: What?! The Dark Knight isn’t 1? How dare you! Well… This is my list! As much as I love this movie and believe you me, I do, I think it’s slightly overrated. Sure, Heath Ledger is an amazing Joker but this is truly not the best Bat. I do love this movie and it’s an intense thrill ride, but with the third act not giving you breathing room drags it down a bit. To your die hard Dark Knight fans, just be grateful it made the list!

5. Year OneBatman: Year One. Ok so I honestly like this a lot more than Batman Begins. It certainly is a decent origin story and in my opinion, kinda underrated. If you wanna get to know the Bat, give it a watch. It’s worth it on a rainy day.

4. 1989Batman circa 1989: Ok this one is a classic. This is just a straight up battle of Batman VS The Joker. But honestly, it’s still pretty good. Granted Tim Burton took a lot of liberties with the characters. It’s still a good film and Nicholson shines as the Joker. To compare him to Ledger is apples and oranges. But what makes this movie better than the dark knight is atmosphere. It actually gives us room to breathe. Ok so the third act is a little clumsy but it more than makes up for it and without this movie, we wouldn’t have the animated series. Just a thought guys.

3. Batman_Beyond_-_Return_of_the_Joker_posterBatman Beyond: Return of the Joker: Ok so this movie Bruce Wayne is no longer Batman but it features some great elements. Batman Beyond is a totally different spin on Batman. But those who grew up in the 90s are all too familiar with Batman Beyond. Originally supposed to be called Batman Tomorrow and be a lot more kid friendly, Batman Beyond and this movie showed Batman as a teenager and a grittier approach to Batman that had done previous

2. red hoodBatman: Under the Red Hood: Ok so this one is perfect. Its ending isn’t exactly uplifting but it does however show Batman and his sidekicks and a bit of their history. Oh and John DiMagio is the Joker. Yes that’s right, Bender’s the Joker.

So what’s #1? Well my Number one Batman Film is….

Mask of the PhantasmBatman: Mask of the Phantasm. This is a very slick and underrated thrill ride. Even though it’s only 75 minutes long, every minute is filled with dark brooding ooze that we love from Batman. Nothing can seem to top this movie. It was actually released in theaters but was a bomb at the box office. Why? I think it’s because Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was taking off. But as it stands, if you haven’t seen this movie, please for the love of g-d, DO!

Top 10 Batman Movies

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