Resha Sentai Toqger Review

ToqgerToqgerHey guys. Sorry it’s been a while since my last review but I have a job teaching someone with Autism how to cook. I also am planning to write a cookbook and I have 2 volunteer jobs. I work a total of 15 hours a week. But in any case, Resha Sentai Toqger is the Sentai season from 2014 and boy was it good. there are several reasons I like this season. For one it reminded me of engine Sentai Go-Onger, the first season I ever watched. But I have a lot of pros and cons about this season. This is a spoiler warning but I hope you like what you hear. For one I’m glad this season wasn’t focused on the Red senshi. That was my main beef with Kyoryuger.

(+) Amenochi Rainbow – Amenochi Rainbow is the theme for Toq 6gou who is a badass himself. As the first Orange Ranger in 35 years he’s pretty awesome which is another pro

(+) Emperor Zed Zed ZettEmperor Zed had a monster form and was clearly named for the PR Villain Lord Zedd. Like his name, he was a badass but unlike his namesake he wasn’t watered down. When it was revealed that Right the Red Toqger and Zed were the same person it was a shocker I was unprepared for.

(-) The Subplot with Grita – I’m sorry this really didn’t do anything as far as her character went. But over all this is a great season.

If you’re a newbie to Super Sentai, I recommend this or Go-Onger as a starting point. Final Grade: A-

Resha Sentai Toqger Review

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