Introduction to Sam’s history of Power Rangers

Ok before I explain this project I have to address the elephant in the room. The Austin St. John Jason David Frank fight. As well as the Rick Medina Issue. Like Jon with Mr. Weenie Productions, I believed the Medina incident to be a hoax. But I really agree that it was in self defense. If it was murder why would he call 911? If it was intentional, he’d hide the body. Now to Frank and St. John. Frank claims he is a man of g-d and a good Christian. I have a dumb question are all Christians hypocrites? Or just ones like Bill O’Reilly?

Jason David Frank is in his 40s now and yet he’s still acting like an infant! His ego is driving me crazy and when I heard he’s going to be the Dino Charge Silver ranger and it was confirmed, I felt like I got an F. I know in the 90s Austin St. John had an ego, these days JDF does. ASJ seems very humbled and I would love to meet him at Power Morphicon.

Now that the elephant has left the room, time to get down to brass tax. Like Linkara I have decided to embark on this quest and this will be from a biased perspective. Mine! Unlike Linkara I will not have Nostalgia play a factor. Can Nostalgia save the series or will it fall flat on its ass? I will also be comparing it to the Sentai and expect major spoilers. At the end of each review I will give the grade of each season and it’s sentai counterpart. So for next time, we shall get started with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 VS Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.


Introduction to Sam’s history of Power Rangers

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