5 Guilty Pleasure Sentai Seasons

Ok for those unaware, a guilty pleasure is something you enjoy even though you shouldn’t. For me, I have a few Guilty Pleasure Sentai Seasons. I will tell you them why here today. I will put them not in a top 10 order but Chronological Order in which they aired. And as a no brainer by now, Spoiler Warning!

taiyo_sentai_sunvulcan_by_blakehunter-d43rbiiTaiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan (1981): Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan was the first 3 man Sentai team. It’s a bit sexist because there are only men on the team. But I will admit this is only the 5th Sentai team so they had a lot to learn. I think that it is pretty awesome though that it started the 3 man team. The Red had to leave for NASA but it’s a good start for teams to follow

Choudenshi BiomanChoudenshi Bioman (1984): Choudenshi Bioman has a rockin theme, a dark tone and an epic quality. It’s one of the seasons to be dubbed in English. Whenever I hear the theme, I just wanna sing along. Although I knew that Yellow Four would die, It was still tragic to see it. I will admit this season reeks of 80s because of the characters’ hair. But I digress. Plus as my friend Katie pointed out, this is the first season to have a robot Buddy. That’s right ranger fans, we had one before Alpha 5. And he wasn’t annoying 😛

Dekarangers_transformedToksou Sentai Dekaranger (2004): Toksou Sentai Dekaranger has 9 rangers to it. To be fair this record would be beaten by Zyuden Sentai Dekaranger. This season has the right blend of action and slapstick. Plus I like this and Power Rangers SPD equally. Plus Psychic Lover doing the theme! Going to a Psychic Lover concert in Japan, would be a dream come true.

LWW-Mahou-Sentai-Magiranger-46-49Mahou Sentai Magiranger (2005): I like Mahou Sentai Magiranger for the same reason I like Engine Sentai Go-Onger. It’s campy and fun. Sure it’s not the greatest sentai but it could certainly be worse *cough cough Goseiger  cough cough*

ToqgerResha Sentai Toqger (2014): Ok so the most recent Sentai is on here. Aside from the campy and enjoyable nature of it, I love the fact that Toq #4go’s Green is slightly different in shade of Green and we have an Orange that’s not outdated. Plus I love the ending so far, Expect a review as soon as the finale airs.

Those are my guilty pleasure seasons. have a good day and I will see you later

5 Guilty Pleasure Sentai Seasons

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