Sam’s most anticipated movies of 2015

So if you know me, even if you don’t. It’s no secret, I love movies. And in the spirit of everyone doing this. I think it’s time I do mine.

I’ll be honest, January through April is mostly the dry season. But you never know, last year we got Captain America the Winter Soldier and the Lego Movie and those were pretty damn awesome. The first one I’m excited is Avengers the age of Ultron. Hopefully we can see some good come from this. Pixar’s Inside Out is really impressing me and I can’t wait see what it offers. Of course I plan to see it with some pixar lovers. As long as we’re on the subject of animated movies, I really have high hopes for the Minions movie. It’s an hour and a half of minions. Cute. When I saw the Ant Man trailer I thought it was by the numbers and didn’t look too exciting. But we’ll have to see. The Goosebumps movie looks interesting especially with me. I read the books and watched the show. Let’s just hope the movie is better than the show. The acting is horrendous. Maybe the movie I’ll see with my Aunt and Uncle this summer will be Fantastic Four. The originals were total duds I may see Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II but I need to rewatch the first one. Ok so why the hell are they making Hotel Trannsylvania 2? The first one was good but no big laughs. Oh wait, I know! Quick and easy money. Finally there’s Kung Fu Panda 3, which I hope is awesome. But the big one for me will be and drumroll… STAR WARS! I am so excited. That’s my anticipated movies. I hope they are different than yours. Have a nice day

Sam’s most anticipated movies of 2015

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