Sam’s Favorite Directors in No Particular Order

So as many of you know, I love movies! But who are some of my Favorite Directors? Well today we shift gears from reviews and talk about my favorite movie directors. This is in no particular order but I will explain each choice and why they’re on here

SpielbergAt 68, Steven Spielberg is still considered to be Hollywood’s golden boy. Some of my favorite movies Spielberg made include Lincoln, Catch Me if you Can, The Indiana Jones trilogy and Schindler’s List. All of Spielberg’s seem to have a sense of wonder about them and always leave you feeling happy.

BurtonTim Burton’s movies always have a gothic tone yet also come across as goofy and fun. Ed Wood would be my favorite movie if the Big Lebowski disappeared. Edward Scissorhands is also a classic. Of course without Tim Burton’s Batman, the animated series wouldn’t be the same.

Christopher Nolan often does movies that make you think. At 44, he’s probably the youngest director to appear on this list. Memento and Inception are my favorites even though the Dark Knight is awesome.Nolan

My enjoyment for Martin Scorsesse is actually fairly recent. His movies really push the envelope and at 72, he shows not only that he knows how to make good movies but he loves movies just as much as me.


Sam’s Favorite Directors in No Particular Order

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