Bakryu Sentai Abaranger review

AbarangerBakryu Sentai Abaranger is the source material for Power Rangers Dino Thunder. The theme is strong and upbeat and sung by the always awesome Masaki Endoh. Our Main heroes harness the power of their Dino Guts. One of them is from a parallel earth where Dinosaurs have evolved into sentient beings. Like Dino Thunder the white ranger is evil but unlike Dino Thunder, he’s evil through the entire series and only teams up with the other 4 twice. Eventually, *spoiler alert* the powers prove to be too much and he dies. This is because the power was untested and too powerful for anyone. *End of Spoiler* Probably the best characters are the supporting characters. Mai, Aba Red’s 5 year old niece. Which is something since most of the time I can’t stand kid characters. Emmy who’s a high school student and the clumsy support. All and All this season is one of the best I have seen in a long time and deserves a perfect score. So for my next Sentai review. Choudenshi Bioman. Anime review will be Sinnoh league. Following my Sinnoh league, I’ll take a break to watch a let’s play of Soul Silver and Kamen Rider Ryuki. Don’t expect blogs on Kamen Rider but I just want to educate myself on Kamen Rider. I’m already learning a lot about Sinnoh and hope to continue my Unova Research. Have a great day and a pleasant new year.

Bakryu Sentai Abaranger review

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