Pokemon Hoenn League review

So for Hoenn, Ash decides to leave all his Pokemon behind at Oak’s lab only taking Pikachu with him. Is this season any good? Well… it’s OK. In place of Misty, we have May. In the beginning she’s not exactly the biggest fan of Pokemon. But after learning about contests, she gets more into it. May PKMN Now i’m gonna be honest with you guys, I like May. I think she’s a decent character in the Pokemon universe. Ash actually catches some decent Pokemon in the Hoenn Region and as much as I give Ash shit, this is the beginning of smart Ash. Now granted I don’t know much about Sinnoh and Unova but I will find out. Joining Ash and May is May’s kid brother MaxMax PKMN and Brock. I like Max because he’s actually the focus of the Jirachi movie and not Ash. So what’s my score for the Hoenn adventure. 2 out of 4. It’s ok as a whole but it lacked oomph. Next up on my blogs is a review of the Lucario movie and Battle Frontier. I also will be reviewing Maskman for my next Sentai blog. Stick around readers.

Pokemon Hoenn League review

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