Sam Kanter Rating System

Ok So my cheat sheet got stolen for who my top 30 Sentai were but my #1 is Gai Ikari from Kaizokou Sentai Gokaiger.. Image

I’ll explain why in a later blog but for now I want to take the opportunity to tell you about my new rating system. This Rating system is heavily inspired by the Jeremy Jahns rating system. Jeremy, allow me to introduce myself, my name’s Kanter, Sam Kanter. I’m a comedian, cinephile, foodie, movie buff and jack of all trades. Like you I’m a seattlite and have a disability. My Disability is Asperger Syndrome and I’m an advocate for it. I’m also a writer in case you can’t tell!! I’m 25 and enjoy living my life to the fullest. One dream of mine will be to catch a movie and do lunch with you. Since Nolan has a new movie coming out in November, let’s make it happen sir. I know a quaint Chinese Restaurant we can eat at after. Please take this into consideration since you and Doug Walker are two of my internet heroes. I do plan to do your breaking dawn part 1 sex scene challenge. Anyhow… Introduction out of the way, let’s go from worst to best and kick some ass. Happy Readings followers 🙂

Cat pee –  This is the equivalent of the Jeremy Jahns Dogshit. A restaurant with along the cat pee rank is McDonalds. Movies with this rank include Batman and Robin and the turbo ranger movie 

Fun on a sugar high – This is the Jeremy Jahns fun if your drunk. Considering I only drink a glass of wine every now and again to get my blood flowing and a hard drink if I really get desperate. The First and 3rd Pokemon movies are great examples of this as well as Kyoryuger VS Go-Busters. 

Boot to the head! – This is the equivalent of the Jeremy Jahns. You won’t remember this in T-Minus… Such examples of this include Brave and Cars. 

Now for some enjoyment

Worth Renting from the Library or Netflix – Jeremy Jahn’s will say Good time no alcohol required. Examples of this include for me Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Chobits.

The Restaurant Version 

Worth Going there for Lunch 

Jeremy Jahns says Buy it on Blu Ray – I say take your significant other or some buddies for a movie night. Such examples of this include Rise of the Guardians 

and finally Jeremy Jahns says awesometacular and my creme de la creme the best of the best is drumroll… The Silver Star of David! 


And there ya go… With my webcam gone. There’s the rating system and just remember, I’m Sam and I can’t eat green eggs and ham but I will take green eggs and lamb! XP


Sam Kanter Rating System

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