Top 30 Sentai Rangers Part 1

Ok So I needed to do this blog for you guys to clarify the differences between Power Rangers and Super Sentai.and since my Top 30 favorite super sentai characters. There will be spoilers in this blog: And #1 I’ll go into full detail on

30. Kouichirou or Mega Black from Denji Sentai Megaranger. While Kenta may be immature and enjoy being mega red, he’s very slow when it comes to Women and doesn’t get the ladies at all. In contrast to Carlos he doesn’t get angry or can be dependable and even though he is a good leader he’s just there for his team.

29. Shun Namiki or Mega Blue from Megaranger shun is a graphic arts student and a loner. I identify with Shun because most of the time i’m a loner, if you get to know me well then I start to talk to you and plus Mega Tomahawk sounds much better than Astral Axe plus Saban used it twice. Shun and I are a lot alike, the more we warm up to you. Even though TJ is wearing this suit, I think these two could learn from each other

28. Jiraya  Ninja Black from Kakuranger. At the beginning of the season, Jiraya can only speak english. But as the season progresses his Japanese gets better and better. As somoene who knows bits and pieces of other languages I just know what to say and what not to say.

27. Tsuruhime/Ninja White – This 15 year old is looking for her father. Throughout the show. It’s a good coming of age story for her. 

26. Kenta Date/Mega Red. He’s pretty much everything Andros isn’t. Goofy, Lazy, Immature and only in it for himself. In the pilot we learn that it’s a video game but it’s a recruitment program really and the 5 people are chosen to pilot the suits  When you first meet him he insists on having Korean BBQ. He’s immature and basically just fun to watch.


25.Tessai Kyoryu Gray in a show where the good guys and bad guys apparent, Tessai is a stubborn jerk and very hardheaded. that’s why he’s fun to watch. 

24.  Gosei Knight. Ok I think goseiger is terrible save for the music and Gosei Knight. His design alone is perfect and could make others tremble.

23. Daigo from Dairanger. Not to be confused with the King. Daigo is an animal lover and one of the best things about Dairanger is the fight scenes and Daigo’s love for animals.

22. Sasuke from Kakuranger unlike that Emo from Naruto, Sasuke and his friend Saizou opened a demonic cage that was meant to stay closed. He’s a good leader 

21Utsemimaru from  is a Samurai from the warring states era of Japan. Unlike Genta, his dialect is very much of a formal Samurai and wishes to serve his team well. Spoiler for my show, the wings on his back grant flight and actually grant flight

Top 30 Sentai Rangers Part 1

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