Adventures on the 4th Wall

Ok for those of you who are new to my blog. I have disabilities. I keep them for the most part, under wraps. =) 

My show will always follow a three act structure. A long term goal I have is to be just like Doug Walker. Mostly my show will have characters from TV, Movies, Anime and Tokusatsu interacting with each other and in between each act will be commercial endorsements by the despicable me minions. One such example of these shorts is two minions acting as Gaston and Spike Spiegel getting at each other’s throats at a Bar fight in hell. 

Act I

Imagine this

ImageBelle from Beauty and the Beast hosts a talk show and the minions are her audience. They’re always getting her to get things from her. Leaked nude shots, measurements for her buttocks etc.I gotta agree with Walker and Jeremy Jahns on this one Belle is the hottest Disney chick ever. But that’s a blog for another day and it partially has to do with Katie 

Act II

Adventures on the 4th Wall: This is the main portion of the show, me and two of my friends are highly romanticized and we interact with various TV and movie characters. I actually work for Monk in the show. I’m tenured since it’s my show =P

almost every show has post credit stuff

Act III: This is a lot more serious there’s a PSA about a real world issue, one issue that I always gets people detracting from me is how frequently or a disability group

This is all i’m willing to disclose on my blog for now. Later folks

Adventures on the 4th Wall

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