Regarding Katie

In July of 2010 I met someone I consider to be my guardian Angel. Her name is Ekaterina. She lives in Russia. At first she was very quiet and shy. As she warmed up to me, I noticed she was very tomboy like, she was also interested in the same nerdy stuff I likeImageThe only problem was she lived all the way in Russia and here I am all the way in the united states. Had she gotten her visa, our relationship wouldn’t be the same. 

The first time I saw her on camera, I felt I was struck by lightning. She bore an uncanny resemblance to Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the BeastImage.

It was too much of a coincidence. Like Belle, Katie is independent, stunning and really good at just doing what she enjoys in life. So in March 2013 was the last time I heard from Katie until just recently. I thought because she had gotten married, she would brush me off and tell me to take a Hike. She did not As I lay asleep one night, I had recalled a dream I had prior. “What if Belle, took over the mantle of the Green Ranger. I decided to turn the idea into a 3 act structure I’m doing called adventures on the 4th wall. The first third is a portion where Belle hosts a talk show with the minions trying to do crazy things to her like getting bust measurements, getting locks of her hair etc. In between each segment there will be in themed commercial featuring the minions endorsing something be it a movie, a type of food, a restaurant, a music video etc. part 2 is a skit called adventures on the 4th wall, which is where myself and romanticized versions of two of my friends interact with TV and movie characters. The final act is where I and someone from the cast and crew of my show will address a real world issue.

Katie recently returned to my life 2 weeks ago at the time of this article’s publish. I stand by the fact that she may be a guardian Angel for me. Even though wish not to disclose my religious beliefs, I know that Katie will continue to support and be the person I utmost enjoy talking about nerdy topics. I had an infatuation on her due to her kindness and caring for others. Katie will have two main roles within the first season of my series. She will mainly play Belle who is now a divorcee due to the direct to video sequels and as mentioned previously, she will take up the mantle of the Green Ranger. 

To sum up, Katie is a total sweetheart and even though she may be a tomboy but if she wore to go for a formal approach. She’d be a stunner. I really appreciate Katie’s friendship over the years and I hope to one day get her here to the stateside as she is now a key player in my theater troop

Yes, I did have a crush on her at one point but this is one of the few times in my life, I don’t mind being stuck in the friend zone.

Thank you for everything Katie, I can’t wait to show you around.

Regarding Katie

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