The Lego Movie (Spoiler Free Review)


Plot: Emmett is a construction worker and just a middle class guy and just an ordinary guy. Who becomes extraordinary throughout the course of the film.Without giving too much away throughout the course of the film. The moral from what I have gathered is that always carry your imagination with you and even though this movie it’s cliched to no end but the jokes make up for it. 

Opinion: When I got into this movie I had the bar set pretty high because I heard from critics it was good. My friend at work had liked it. But after leaving the theater I was impressed. Even the child like humor was actually really good.The friend I saw it with was just there with me and we both ate it up. Atmosphere can make or break a movie and this is just perfect.

Pros and Cons

+ The casting: Everyone did their parts well. Will Arnett spent the whole time making fun of Christian Bale and it shows. He was really good at the contrast

+ The Ending – without giving too much away I can honestly say that when they would show the real world perspective it would be re a good reflection of the lego world.

O “everything is awesome” – That song hasn’t left my head since I left the theater. If that song doesn’t win the best song in a movie oscar, I will be furious. On the other hand, I would like to listen to something to drown it out

X all the cliches – While there are way too many cliches to count, they also turn them on their head and it’s hilarious

+ The Animation: It is an amazing looking film. The friend I saw it with is a substiute para-educator by day, an artist by night. The visuals were amazing 

Final Grade: A

Bottom Line: Whether you have kids or are a kid at heart, you’ll appreciate this movie. This movie does have it’s flaws but it’s worth it in the end. 


The Lego Movie (Spoiler Free Review)

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