How A movie makes it onto my A list

Well as you guys know, I love movies, but to make it onto my A list, a certain criteria must be met, First of all, no cliches that I don;t like. The ones that drive me insane. Those cliches are for another time, But in any case I can forgive the movie if one of them is in there,

The Characters have to be really enjoyable. The reason despicable me is on my A list is because of the minions and the three little girls make the cutesy factor work. However, with the minion movie coming up, my standards are set pretty high. With Ed Wood, Johnny Depp does a good job of being a great job in playing a person who’s just wasting people’s time and money. However, it’s not just about the characters.

The Story has to be really good. Even if I know the story well, I really need to be told it in a way that I haven’t heard it. I may have heard the story in how to train your dragon a zillion times but they keep things fresh and new. By the way, did you know the people that did How to Train your Dragon also did Lilo and Stitch?

The directing has to be done with care. Movies are a piece of art and should be seen as such. I’ve already gushed about what a great director Christopher Nolan is. Tim Burton used to be one of my favorite directors but lately his work has gone downhill. Oh well, probably the most recent work of his that I’ve enjoyed is Frankenweenie but that came out in 2012. But that movie is not on my A list, I just mentioned it because it was a really good movie.

Another thing that makes a movie A list material is the acting. When I saw Lincoln, I didn’t see Daniel Day-Lewis at all. I saw Abraham Lincoln. It was incredibly shocking and jaw dropping to see him do that. For those of you who don’t know Lincoln is A list. Lincoln was an incredible movie and if you haven’t seen it, check it out.

Well that about Sums up what makes a movie on my A list. I hope you guys understand now what makes a movie A list material for me. Until the next blog, have a nice day. Sorry there were no pictures this time. 


How A movie makes it onto my A list

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