Pokemon 4Ever Review

WARNING! The following review contains opinions and spoilers, if you haven’t seen these movies I suggest watching them before making comments.

Ok… so previously I reviewed the first 3 Pokemon movies on YouTube. I’ll go over them briefly.

ImagePokemon the first movie does not hold up in my opinion. I just think it’s bad now. I’m just going by the English version but this movie is just a bad movie. I know people discuss the scene where Ash gets turned to stone to be some sort of big tear jerking scene but really because the characters are so bland it’s not hard to get attached considering they don’t have the personalities they do in the show. I know a lot of people like it, but it’s just not for me.

ImagePokemon the movie 2000 is more of a guilty pleasure for me. The pacing is good and things are pretty reasonable for a kid’s movie. The whole concept of Ash being this prophetical warrior is a little ridiculous but my favorite part of the movie is easily Slowking. “I could use pants.” Need I say more?

ImagePokemon the Movie 3 while not as bad as the first one this one is forgettable.  A young girl named Molly and her father are looking at a book with a picture of Entei in it. Molly says that Entei is her father. This movie is boring because the only thing worth talking about is Ash’s Charizard returning to Battle Entei but that’s not until the 3rd act. 

And now movie 4

ImagePokemon 4Ever also falls into the category of Guilty Pleasure. A young boy named Sam is sent 40 years into the future via a Celebi. There he meets up with Ash and Company. The villain is called the Masked Marauder a team rocket member who wants to be all powerful by catching Celebi, which he does. He also uses Dark Balls which makes Pokemon their highest level but are pure evil. Sam and Ash share the adventure together and honestly when Celebi is near death, it’s a lot sadder than when Ash is being turned to stone in the first movie. My big gripe with any Pokemon movie is I can’t seem to go higher than giving them the title of a Guilty Pleasure.but I digress. After the Masked Marauder  is defeated, Celebi sends Sam home. After talking with professor oak, it’s revealed that Professor Oak is Sam. It’s revealed to the audience. But Ash and Company are in the dark. Honestly this is a good movie for kids but a guilty pleasure for adults.


Pokemon 4Ever Review

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