Top 10 Dream Works Movies

So if you guys don’t know by now I love movies and today I will be counting down my top 10 favorite dream works animated movies

10. ImageShrek : So why is Shrek so low on the list. Well the misunderstanding scene in the movie, drags on forever. Plus nobody takes time to breathe. The film never shuts up. It’s not that it’s bad it just the first time I saw this movie, I was in middle school and was the perfect audience for it. Looking back it’s still good but not AS good as I remember it being

9. ImageThe Madagascar Trilogy: I’ll be honest here, this trilogy I had a hard time picking one of them as the best, because really you could watch all 3 back to back and be satisfied. It’s very amazing and even the cliches I don’t like don’t last very long. But it’s a really good trilogy and you think you’ll like it. 

8. ImageSinbad Legend of the Seven Seas: Ok so this movie is not perfect, but when it takes itself seriously, it’s a fun action adventure that’s worth looking into. However when you hear lines like, “pretty cool, huh?” or “uhhh yeah!” the movie drags. But the animation on the villain is just SOOOOOO good. I love it.  Once I start watching the other Sinbad movies, I’ll let you know how this one compares to the other ones

7. ImageShrek 2: Ok when this movie came out, I was in high school. I thought it was funny and really good. Not only is it better than Shrek 1, everything just moves faster and it’s better paced 

6.ImageWallace and Gromit: The curse of the were-rabbit. Ok I’ll be honest here. I like the shorts a lot more but this movie is really fun and not that bad. But my only problem is Ralph Fienes, it’s not that he’s bad he just plays a generic jerk. It’s a good movie but nowhere near as good as the shorts.

5. ImageHow to train your dragon: I have seen this story a million times. But somehow they make this fresh and new. Plus the design of toothless is so awesome. It looks like a black lab. Plus the same people who made this made Lilo and Stitch as well.

4. ImageSpirit Stallion of the Cimarron: There’s not a lot of talking in this movie, It’s amazing. I don’t know how awesome it is to describe it. Plus I love horses, it’s not for everyone but it’s certainly worth one loook

3. ImageKung Fu Panda 2: Ok I liked Kung Fu Panda one but honestly, I know what to expect. This one was really good at keeping me guessing. Plus it’s not a straight comedy. It’s got some amazing story;. I don’t wanna give anything away but let’s just say, this is a million times better than its predecessor 

2. ImageRise of the Guardians: Talk about a really good action adventure, Rise of the guardians is like the avengers except with creatures from bedtime stories. It just blew me away. 

1. ImageThe Prince of Egypt. Definitely a classic and keeping the focus where it should be. All these movies are good so I had to make this list.

Top 10 Dream Works Movies

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