Top 10 Celebrity Crushes

Hi Everyone and It’s time I put together my top 10 list I decided to focus on actresses that are close to my age with an exception or two.

10. ImageSandra Bullock: Ok when I was 11 years old, I saw Miss Congeniality with a bunch of peers on a Jewish Youth Group. That was the day I became a man. Sandra Bullock cemented the fact that America’s Sweetheart had a young fan.

9. ImageEmma Watson: WHAT?! Hermione Granger only #9?! My list my opinion. Part of the reason she’s so low on the list is because there are 8 ladies I like more. But for all of you guys interested, no Kristin Stewart is nowhere to be found here. Neither is Megan Fox, but that’s a blog for another day. Emma is pretty but I can’t help but think of certain people in my life every time I google her name

8. ImageScarlett Johansson: Ok so I don’t have much of appreciation for blondes with one or two acceptions to the rule. Scarlett is one of those acceptions. With her curvaceous body and breathy voice, Scarlett is more than deserving of the number 8 spot

7. ImageSuzuka Morita: We now have our first foreign entry on here. Suzuka is best known for playing Kotoha Hanori in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, Whenever she smiles I just light up. She’s just too precious it’s kinda hard to not see why she’s so likable 

6. ImageRin Takanashi: Ok so another Sentai actress, Bill me. Rin is definitely a hottie with those expressive eyes and lips, she’s definitely a babe

5. ImageAyumi Kinoshita: Ok a lot of fans will go apeshit at the very mention of Ayumi Kinoshita’s name. Playing DekaYellow a lot of fans go hog wild every time she’s on screen.

4.ImageImageNatalie Portman & Mila Kunis: Ok… so I had to include these two as a pair due to Black Swan. Both of them are awesome individually but as a pair, well that’s just awesome. Plus how do I feel about Natalie Portman Shaving her head for V for Vendetta?ImageWell can I rub it for good luck?

3. ImageDanielle Panabaker: Ok so It’s Saturday night, i’m looking to relax, I pop in Sky High and oh my g-d, hot chick at 12 O’clock. I thought the person who he did date was just ok but his friend even though they hook up at the end was much much prettier. She seems to have this cute girl next door vibe going on. To that I thank you Danielle,

2. ImageJennifer Lawrence: WHAT?!?! Jennifer Lawrence is only #2?! You’re a disgrace to Hunger Games fans, I hate you! I HATE YOU! Dude, just shut up and listen. Jennifer Lawrence may have that girl next door vibe but what makes her only #2 is I have someone I prefer a lot more. That’s not to say that Jen isn’t a babe. She also gets major points on this list for having talent to her name, the only reason, well one of the reasons she’s not number #1 is her new haircut makes her look like Tinkerbell. 

ImageDon’t get me wrong I’m sure she’s nice and if she knew me, she’d think I’m hilarious and we’d proably have a bunch of laughs together and considering my #1 may or may not know English. If you haven’t guessed who #1 you either don’t me that well or just have no clue. If you’ve scrolled down ahead than as dookieshed likes to say you’re a cheater cheater pumpkin bitch face. So without further ado and enough Jennifer Lawrence talk and let’s unveil #1

1.ImageMao Ichimichi: I’m sure most of you saw this one coming. If you did, then pat yourself on the back. For all of you who don’t know Mao Ichimichi is, She appeared in the 2011 Super Sentai series as the yellow ranger. She’s everything I want. She’s ethnic Image(Japanese) She’s petit, (5′ 1″) and she’s just so adorable.

And those are my top 10 Celebrity Crushes. Apologies Hunger Games fans for not making Jennifer Lawrence #1. Had I made this list prior to discovery Mao, then Jlaw would’ve taken the gold but as such, I’m sure you guys will just have to settle. Until next time folks, I’m Sam Kanter

Top 10 Celebrity Crushes

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