Top 10 Favorite Sentai Seasons

Ok so I’ve reviewed a bunch of Sentai Seasons on YouTube and I’ve decided to compose my list of my top 10 favorite Sentai Seasons here. For this list, I decided to focus only on seasons I’ve completely watched and show the reasons behind it.Before I forget, major spoilers ahead

ImageEngine Sentai Go-Onger: Engine Sentai Go-Onger was the first super sentai I ever watched. So naturally it would have a place in my heart. This series is silly, but it has a good sense of fun. It’s kinda like the 60s Batman, it never really took itself too seriously. Is it Campy, yes? But there’s just the right amount of cheese here to make it enjoyable. What makes this season worthwhile is its sense of humor and sense of fun.

What I really like about this season is the music, it has a 60’s vibe to it. For the opening theme you can listen to it and appreciate for what it is. To sum up, Go-Onger has good heart, good music and is good at being silly. Plus even though I like Power Rangers RPM more than this season, I will say this in Go-Onger’s defense Hanto has nothing on Ziggy. I mean don’t get me wrong Ziggy is funny but Hanto gets dressed in drag by an old woman who lost her granddaughter, turns out the old woman was really a witch just looking to cause mischief. Take that Power Rangers

9. ImageMirai Sentai Timeranger: Where do I begin with this one? The theme music is like every composer in the world collaborated together to form one super song. It is that awesome. Every time I watched an episode of Timeranger I would look forward to that theme. Wouldn’t you know it, they have a version in English, but honestly while it’s good it’s not as epic and heart pounding as the Japanese Version. 

This season had a good action as well. I think my only gripe with it is Ayase, Time Blue. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just a little too dramatic. Apparently in the 6th Episode it’s revealed that Time Blue, had a terminal illness. While he is cured at the end of the series, this storyline is not necessary. It just feels too dramatic for me. But it’s a nice touch that Naoto, Time Fire dies in the end. Plus this is the only sentai series where I enjoy as much as the Power Rangers counterpart. As for the team ups with GogoV and Lightspeed Rescue. Timeranger wins in that case. But I do recommend this series for anyone that enjoyed Power Rangers time force

8. ImageGogo Sentai Boukenger: Ok I wanna make one thing perfectly clear, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Chief Akashi. The reason being he’s kind of like Carter Grayson from lightspeed rescue, there’s not a lot to him. But he does have his moments that work for me. The stuff with Bouken Silver I always really enjoyed. I really find this season enjoyable in a lot of ways. The Music while not as good as some others on this list is still enjoyable.

I think my only problem with it is Kaze no Shizuka, One of the villains, she has a high pitched voice and acts like a 12 year old. On top of that, she’s not that threatening. I will admit this for Operation Overdrive, at least they had Miratrix. She was ok but overall I had a lot of fun with Boukenger and let’s just say the Overdrive time is not fit to wear the Boukenger Suits

7. ImageKyoryu Sentai Zyuranger: Ok I think most of you saw this one coming. No, I’m not gonna do what everyone has done already. Though I could get away with since I am Jewish. All right fine, the reason I love Jewranger is because stars Adam Sandurah. Are you happy?! In all seriousness, what makes Zyuranger great is they take spins on the classic stories we knew as children and of course Burai. I think most of us Sentai fans love Burai and out of all the sentai characters out there, he’s my 3rd favorite. Who’s #1? Well you’ll just have to keep reading. One day I’ll post my top 20 favorite sentai characters. As for now, I just want you to know that Zyuranger is a fun series and you ideally should watch it if you ever watched Power Rangers.


6.ImageKaizokou Sentai Gokaiger: Ok most of you saw this one coming too. The theme music is incredible and the cameos were great. I’m actually watching it again with a friend of mine who just got into Sentai a year ago. But here’s what makes the season for me. Luka is SOOOOOOOO hot! I could talk about Mao Ichimichi 8 ways to Sunday but that’s another blog for another day. Ok honestly, I pretty much am Gai Ikari. One Sentai fan in Russia basically said my personality mirrors Gai but in a good way. I think if I had one problem with this season and I do, it’s that the villains are kind of forgettable. For my web series I’ve even gone so far to come up with my own version of Gokaioh. Walken Gokaioh which is a combination of Gozyudrill, Gokaioh, Dragonzord Fighting Mode and Red Battle Zord. The other Gripe I have with this season is with Gokai Silver, even though I love him and he’s my favorite Sentai character, Gozyudrill and Gold Mode are a bit much for me.

5. ImageJyuken Sentai Gekiranger: Ok if you like fast paced action anime like Dragon Ball Z or even Naruto, then you’ll like Gekiranger. Gekiranger’s theme sets the tone for a fast paced quick action style. The Animal Kinsei are always fun and offered good advice. Sometimes the plots could be a little ridiculous. For example, in one episode, Geki Blue, Retsu is turned into a baby and Geki Red becomes a 10 year old again. Overall this series has good action, good laughs and does get dark from time to time. If you like high paced action, check it out.

4.ImageGosei Sentai Dairanger: Ok remember how I said Gekiranger had high paced action? Dairanger does that and has legitimately good Drama. There are 2 reasons I placed it above Gekiranger. The first being that there’s a mythical animal motif with the mech and the second is well… Jan’s dialect. After 50 episodes. It starts to get on your nerves. But this season does have some twists I was not expecting. Plus the music is top notch

3. ImageSamurai Sentai Shinkenger: This season is awesome in more ways than one. First off you have music by Psychic Lover, if that’s not all you also have a season that’s about a war. And to add to that you have Genta, who is extremely funny. He doesn’t even try and he’s shit your pants hilarious. The other thing I want to talk about here is Kaoru 


Throughout the series we are lead to believe that Takeru is head of the Shiba Clan. While in reality, he’s a shadow meant to protect the real head of the Shiba Clan. Kaoru adopts Takeru as her son after being badly injured during a battle with the Gedoshu. Not only is this season so much better than its Power Rangers counterpart but it’s just the right amount of everything. Comedy, Drama and Action. So why is it not number 1? Well sometimes the stories can drag on for longer than necessary. Gotta give props to Psychic Lover for including the words “Sword Clash” in their lyrics

2. ImageChoujin Sentai Jetman: Ok so this is the most popular sentai series amongst hardcore fans. Though why is it #2 on my list, well honestly I find Kaori (White Swan) to be a bit of a Mary Sue. Hey now, at least she’s better than Bella f*cking Swan! But I digress, not only is the main cast great but the villains are pretty damn awesome. Even though I’m not watching it, Radiguet and Emperor Tranza still put a shiver down my spine every time I think about it. I really think this season has a lot going for it.

Like everyone, I appreciate Gai Yuki and I think he rivals Dillon from Power Rangers RPM in terms of Badass. Wouldn’t you know it both of them wear black. Plus on several occasions you can see Gai with a glass of scotch or lighting a cigarette. I think they took that out of later seasons to make it more child friendly but still, it’s nice to see some grit to a character. 

Raita has made me laugh on more than one occasion and Ako is a cutie pie. I hate how they got less focus because of the Love Triangle. It’s ok though. When I played through my Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald I caught a Taillow and named it Ako. It proved to be quite the powerful beast

And now my absolute favorite Sentai season….

1. ImageChoju Sentai Liveman: Where do I begin with this? This season introduced a lot of firsts. Most notably the introduction of a Female blue senshi. It featured two mechs that could combine to one. There are some problems this show has but I can actually overlook them. But in all honesty, this season has so much to enjoy. However, I would only recommend it if you’re a hardcore Sentai fan. As this season is a bit of a bloodbath 

Top 10 Favorite Sentai Seasons

One thought on “Top 10 Favorite Sentai Seasons

  1. I like jetman more than Liveman ( I love both, don’t get me wrong), but I think Liveman became a bit weak with the introduction of Black Bison and Green Sai, while Jetman was more consistent

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