5 Restaurants I recommend

OK if you ever happen to come to the Seattle area, here are some restaurants I recommend 

ImageSpicy Talk Bistro is a Chinese Restaurant located in downtown Redmond. It offers Szechuan style cuisine and as the name implies. Spicy food. It’s my personal favorite Chinese Restaurant. Earning the gold medal in my book. Dishes I recommend are: Curry Beef, Ma Po Tofu, Dry Szechuan Wontons and any dumpling or noodle dish,

ImageOk so I have only tried Teapot Vegetarian House once but trust me when I say that it’s certainly anything but bland. Teapot is vegan and for those of you who don’t know what Vegan is, it means no animals or their biproducts. So no dairy, honey nothing. If you feel like being adventurous and don’t want something spicy or not too spicy. Try out teapot, you won’t be disappointed

ImageOoba Tooba Mexican Grill is a low calorie fresh spin on Mexican Food. My best friend was the first person to take me here and I have been hooked to their burritos ever since. They have a salmon burrito which I go absolutely nuts for. Looking for a kick in the guacamole, this is the place for it. Looking for something good but low calorie, go to Ooba’s. 

ImageSaigon City is a Mom and Pop owned family restaurant located in the heart of Bellevue. Its owner simply requests that his customers call him Papa. The two dishes that I highly recommend are what they call Ugly Rice, which is a fried rice served with chicken, vegetables and sausage or a number eight Noodle Salad. Which consists of Egg Rolls, Pork, Shrimp and cold vermicelli noodles on a bed of vegetables.


ImageThe final restaurant I recommend is Mayuri Indian Cuisine. But only for lunch. A lunch buffet costs ten dollars a person. For those who complain that Indian Food is too spicy, it’s not. It’s just more flavorful than you probably are used to 


Well that’s all my recommendations for now. Expect some more blogs in the future but for now, hope you enjoy my recommendations. 

5 Restaurants I recommend

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