The Batman – A Cartoon Review

ImageHi Everyone and welcome to the first Cartoon Review to be published on WordPress in lieu o YouTube. Here’s how the review will work. This will also apply for my reviews for Kamen Rider, Super Sentai or Anime. I will give a brief plot summary of the plot and i’m a big believer in No Spoilers so you don’t have anything to worry about. I will also include my opinion and Pros and Cons, 3 of each to keep things balanced and then give them a score of 1 to 4 stars. 1 being awful and 4 being amazing. Let’s get started, shall we?

Plot: Like Batman the Animated Series, it jumps right into Bruce Wayne’s crime fighting days but unlike the 90s show, it tells you that he’s been crime fighting for 3 years only. Plus it shows the evolution of his character. The pilot is actually is his first battle with the Joker. Commissioner Gordon is not introduced until Season 2. The Batman is really good at showing the evolution of Batman from Caped Vigilante to Full time hero of the Justice League. Mild Spoiler: There are cameos of other DC Heroes in this series

Opinion: While it’s not as good as the 90’s show, it’s certainly got its charm. It’s nice to have Batgirl be the first sidekick as opposed to  Robin. There are some things that they could have worked out. The Batman is not the Batman I grew up on. I was in High School when this show came out. Is it bad, No. Is it better than the Schumacher films, yes. If you have the patience and are not a purist check out the Batman

Pros and Cons – Pros will be marked (+) and cons (x) on occasion there will be an open ended (O) Spoilers may be here

(+) Robin – This is the first time we have Robin as an actual Middle School student. Granted the younger Robin in the 90s show, Tim Drake was more exciting this is a lot more true to the source material. Evan Sabara gives us a believable performance and provides a weight of maturity to the role 

(X) The Joker – First of all the Joker has dreadlocks. Green dreadlocks. Kevin Michael Richardson’s voice acting is not bad, he just feels out of place. Richardson is much better at playing a crime boss 

(+) The Superman Cast – The return of George Newbern and Dana Delany as Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane respectively. For an older fan, it’s nice to see this.

(X) Bruce Wayne – Bruce Wayne is meant to be the balance and represent that he could easily snap and become a criminal himself. The Bruce Wayne in The Batman is too nice.

(+) The Music – While the music is not as amazing as the late Shirley Walker’s, it still provides a good atmosphere for what the show offers.

(X) The lack of dark atmosphere – Batman is usually dark and any incarnation usually does such. With the exception of the 60’s Batman. This show is not campy nor is it Dark. It’s just an action show and not a lot of plot

(O) Including Harley Quinn – For those who grew up on the 90’s show are aware of the introduction of Harley Quinn. She was not a part of the Batman Rogues Gallery originally but she was introduced in the 90’s show. 

Final Analysis * * * out of * * * *



The Batman – A Cartoon Review

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